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Fauci insists 3 shots will be needed for ‘full vaccination’, after FDA advisory panel rejects universal Covid boosters


White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has claimed that “ultimately” people will need at least one booster shot to be considered properly vaccinated against Covid-19, despite the FDA’s hesitancy over universal boosters.

“I believe, when all’s said and done, it’s going to turn out that the proper regimen, at least for an mRNA vaccine [such as Pfizer], is the two original doses, the prime followed in three-to-four weeks by a boost, but also followed several months later by a third shot,” Fauci told The Telegraph in an exclusive interview.

So I think that ultimately, when we look back on this, it’s going to be that the proper regimen, to have a complete and full regimen, will be a third shot boost. 

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FDA advisory panel votes AGAINST vaccine booster shots for all, approves for over-65s and high-risk

The health official’s advice, at least for now, appears to be at odds with the US Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel, which on Friday rejected the idea of mass booster shots, despite President Joe Biden already endorsing the idea, for all. They instead recommended boosters for those at higher risk, like people over the age of 65.

Due to the efficacy of the vaccines waning over time, Fauci believes booster shots will especially be necessary for older patients. Asked whether minors will need to be subjected to the long regimen of shot after shot after shot, Fauci said, “we don’t know that yet.”

Fauci does insist, however, that children as young as six months will soon be inoculated against coronavirus. He believes children as young as five will likely be approved to get vaccinated by autumn, and children as young as six months will follow in the months after. 

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The infectious disease expert has also expressed frustration similar to that of President Joe Biden in regards to those who remain unvaccinated. Over 76% of US adults have received at least one vaccine dose, but this number is not high enough for Fauci, who said he is “disappointed,” especially in red states, which have seen lower vaccination rates than more liberal-leaning areas. 

“You know, in the United States it’s become a bit of a political issue. If you look at the map of the United States the under-vaccinated regions are very heavily red states, or Republican areas,” he said. He also once again blamed the unvaccinated for allegedly providing the virus with a fertile ground to continue to mutate, potentially “leading to a new variant, which could be worse than the Delta variant.” 

In the United States we have about 72 or 73 million people eligible for vaccination who have not yet been vaccinated, and that’s really unfortunate because that is a perfect set-up to developing mutants that are going to lead to variants that could be problematic.

Fauci has continued to insist there is still a long road ahead in the pandemic, saying he’s “hoping” it truly ending is spring of 2022, but adding, “whether or not it happens remains to be seen.”

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US Homeland Security vows to increase ‘removal flights’ as 14,000+ migrants gather under Texas bridge


The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) vowed to increase the number of illegal immigrant “removal flights” after immigration authorities became overwhelmed with over 14,000 migrants under the Del Rio International Bridge.

In a statement on Saturday, the DHS outlined six new strategies to deal with the huge increase of illegal immigrants in Texas under President Joe Biden’s administration.

“DHS will secure additional transportation to accelerate the pace and increase the capacity of removal flights to Haiti and other destinations in the hemisphere within the next 72 hours,” the statement declared, adding that the department is “working with source and transit countries in the region to accept individuals who previously resided in those countries.”

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400 agents will also be sent to Del Rio within 48 hours to help deal with the situation, while border authorities are working to move migrants to other locations in an effort to alleviate the area and “ensure that irregular migrants are swiftly taken into custody, processed, and removed from the United States.”

In response to the poor conditions under the Del Rio bridge that were documented this week, “urgent humanitarian actions with other relevant federal, state, and local partners to reduce crowding and improve conditions for migrants on US soil” are currently being undertaken, which include providing medical technicians, water, and toilets to migrants.

The department concluded by warning that the majority of migrants “continue to be expelled” and that regular removal flights are being made to Haiti, Mexico, Ecuador, and Northern Triangle countries.

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Alex Jones files lawsuit against FAA over drone restriction at border crossing where thousands of migrants are gathering

“The Biden Administration has reiterated that our borders are not open, and people should not make the dangerous journey,” DHS declared, calling illegal immigrants “a significant threat to the health and welfare of border communities and to the lives of migrants themselves.”

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano has claimed that there are 14,353 illegal immigrants waiting underneath the Del Rio International Bridge for processing, despite the fact that they will most likely be expelled.

Many of the migrants are Haitians who crossed the border into the US from South America and, as the CNN has put it, are now living in “squalor” under the bridge.

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Turf wars: Riot police confront thugs on pitch as violent chaos breaks out at top-flight football match in France again (VIDEO)


A second football match in France in a month has been marred by a mass brawl amid shocking scenes at top-flight Lens, where thugs fought with police on the pitch after an attempt to reach the visiting supporters.

A menacing group of fans broke onto the pitch where the Ligue 1 match against Lille was being held and headed towards the away end in search of a scrap, forcing riot police to form a defensive line and pin some supporters to the turf in a troubling fracas.

The derby between the high-flying hosts and last season’s champions did not suffer the same fate as the clash between Nice and Marseille in August, which was abandoned when a huge fight broke out after midfielder Dmitri Payet was hit by a bottle.

A 90-minute delay did take place while order was restored, with the match resuming at 5.30pm local time.

“Two minutes before the invasion, Lille supporters provoked the Lens [fans] by pretending to climb over the gates,” reported French journalist Amine Mohamed, who shared footage of the anarchy.

“Lens supporters crossed the pitch towards the visitors’ stand. Just before, Lille threw projectiles over the grid which separated them from Lens supporters.”

A supporter and a police officer were injured, according to RMC via Get French Football News.

“The second half kicks off with riot police lined in front of the stands,” the outlet reported. “These kinds of scenes are now becoming a weekly occurrence in Ligue 1.”

New Lille manager Jocelyn Gourvennec claimed his players were unaware of the turmoil taking place at the Estadio Bollaert-Delelis.

“We had already returned to the locker room,” he said of an afternoon that was described as “a derby to forget” by the club after Przemyslaw Frankowski’s 74th-minute winner for Lens.

“I don’t really know what happened. We were informed by the delegates and Mr [referee Benoit] Millot, who received the coaches and captains.

“It was just a bit long. It lengthened half-time and we had to do a warm-up again, which was not ideal. I do not know more. I hope there were no injuries.”

The chaos is likely to result in further punishments after football chiefs in France last week sanctioned both clubs involved in the previous violent trouble.

Among the verdicts from that shameful episode, Nice were docked a point and told to play their next home match behind closed doors, and the club’s physio was banned for nine months for punching a supporter.

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Doctor’s orders: Physio cops 9-month touchline ban as 2 players are suspended, club lose point over game abandoned after violence

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‘Do you see an insurrection?’: Justice for J6 rally goes off without incident despite warnings of violence, endless media coverage


Despite pundits warning of another Capitol riot and massive police response, the ‘Justice for J6’ rally occurred without incident, with protesters demanding “transparency” and fair treatment for non-violent “political prisoners.”

In anticipation of Saturday’s rally, organized by Look Ahead America, Capitol Police had the support of multiple other law enforcement agencies, as well as 100 National Guard soldiers on standby in case the right-wing event became violent. 

The Capitol Police chief warned multiple times that violence would not be tolerated, and the protest gained massive media attention and was connected heavily by pundits to the January 6 riot. Capitol Police even warned of threats against lawmakers ahead of the demonstration. 

The actual event, however, turned out to be mostly what organizers were promising: a peaceful protest. While hundreds arrived for the demonstration in front of the US Capitol, they were largely outnumbered by law enforcement agents and press – some of whom reportedly came wearing bulletproof vests, only to remove these later. 

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Capitol Police says ‘threats’ justify heightened security at rally over January 6 ‘political prisoners’

When speaking, organizer Matt Braynard made a point to condemn any and all violence that occurred on January 6 and kept his focus on non-violent offenders who’re nevertheless being charged or kept behind bars. These people, Braynard argued, are “political prisoners” and should be released with a fine as many other protesters were during the height of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests in the summer of 2020.

“We condemn political violence in all its forms,” he said, setting ground rules for participants at the rally, telling them to respect and obey police officers, some of whom were in riot gear, as well as gathered journalists. 

The rally, Braynard added, was “not about President [Donald] Trump or President [Joe] Biden,” despite what media reports have been indicating. Braynard and others called for the full release of video from January 6 and asked that non-violent rioters be given “fair” treatment. 

Multiple accounts from family members of protesters currently detained in connection to their alleged actions on January 6 were read to the crowd, describing similar situations where some of the detainees have been kept in solitary confinement and denied proper access to religious and legal services. 

Activist and Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP) founder Cara Castronuova gave the most fiery speech, taking direct aim at the media’s depiction of the rally before it even occurred, earning massive applause from the crowd. 

“Take a look around. Do you see an insurrection?” she asked at one point, poking fun at those worried the day’s events would devolve into a Capitol riot situation. 

Castronuova also called for “transparency” about January 6 from the federal government, blasting House Speaker Nancy’s Pelosi’s investigative commission as a politically-motivated effort. The activist made her biggest claim when she led the crowd in chanting two names: Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland. Babbitt was killed on January 6 by a Capitol Police officer after allegedly trying to break through a door in the Capitol. Boyland reportedly died of a drug overdose, but Castronuova claims there is video, which can be seen on her organization’s website, that shows Boyland being severely beaten and trampled. 

Before leaving the stage, she took aim at the corporate media’s depiction of her and other Trump supporters once more. 

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‘Kid gloves are off today’: Liberal critics celebrate MASSIVE police response to Justice for J6 rally

“I’m Chinese-Italian, I’m a feminist, I voted for Barack Obama twice … do I look like a white supremacist!?” she said. 

Leading up to the rally, police made a massive showing of force, even tweeting about the number of officers brought together for the event. Many liberal critics celebrated the large number of officers on social media. 

There appeared to be no major influences though, with only a few shouting matches caught on camera, most ending with Capitol Police telling someone to move on, and the person complying, even when Trump supporters were leaving the area and facing protesters with megaphones, blasting the rap song ‘F**k Donald Trump.’

Some on social media appeared disappointed in the day’s seemingly calm and quick events, openly wishing there had been more arrests to go with the hundreds that have been charged in connection with January 6. 

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California) labeled those attending the rally “traitors,” despite political violence being condemned multiple times, and Braynard and others insisting that anyone who committed violence that day belongs in prison “for a long time.”

Lieu and others also used the smaller-than-expected crowd in DC to insist Trump and his supporters have “waning influence.”

Capitol Police posted to their Twitter account about several small incidents, at one point needing to use officers to separate counterprotesters from rally-goers to avoid potential incidents.

One man was arrested for being in possession of a firearm.

Law enforcement put the total of protesters at 400-450, and Braynard said that a total of 17 rallies were being held around the country today.

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Trump won’t attend rally for Capitol Hill rioters, but SLAMS ‘two-tiered’ US justice system for ‘persecuting’ them – reports

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‘Got what he deserved’: Fans split after footballer is viciously kicked by opponent… only to be booked by ref in England (VIDEO)


It’s a rare sight in football to see a player get booked for being kicked in the leg – but that’s exactly what has appeared to happen in England after a star was deemed to have delayed a free-kick in the most painful way possible.

Swansea and Republic of Ireland ace Manning was apparently attempting some gamesmanship during Swansea’s 3-3 draw with Luton Town on Saturday – but former Arsenal academy prospect Henri Lansbury wasn’t having any of it.

In footage which has since been viewed more than 1.1 million times from the Championship fixture, TV cameras captured Manning ambling up to a dead ball before lightly toeing it away at the exact same moment that Lansbury lined up his hefty free kick – only succeeding in poleaxing Manning to the grass by smashing his shin.

What’s more, one of Lansbury’s teammates, Tom Lockyer, took the opportunity to roar in Manning’s face as he was nursing his sore shin on the ground, before getting into a few shoving matches with various Swansea players.

Now, only the most naive of football fans would suggest that Lansbury didn’t know exactly what he was doing when he decided to swing his boot – and it would take a similar football newbie to say that Manning wasn’t employing some dark arts of his own by prodding the ball away.

But with the result of the incident being a yellow card shown to both Manning AND Lansbury, it has prompted quite a debate online.

Got in the way of a quick free-kick, so got what he deserved,” former Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara commented online, meeting opposition from large sections of fans.

Another joked: “Red card and five match ban after he’s back from doing three months in prison.”

A third was perhaps a little more sober in their reckoning: “Player who tried to kick the ball saw the other player, so it’s a red card. That’s not even a discussion.”

Accompanying the footage on Twitter after the game, Manning joked: “If anyone finds a shin floating about Luton, let me know.”

“Neymar would still be flying now,” replied one quick-witted Swans fan, lampooning the notoriously theatrical Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain striker.

Others praised the 25-year-old international newcomer, with one telling him: “Well done for not retaliating.”

Claims of injustice aside, both players escaped serious punishment – but only one of them is going to have a sore shin in the morning.

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‘That’s not a tackle, that’s attempted murder’: Rugby player shown straight red card for shocking tackle in French league (VIDEO)


The appropriately-named Ryno Pieterse was issued with a red card after the giant South African decimated an opponent with a tackle which wouldn’t have appeared out of place in a WWE ring in a clash on Saturday.

Pieterse, who plays as a lock for French side Castres, is sure to face the wrath of rugby’s disciplinary bodies for the rash challenge which occurred in a French Top 14 match against Bordeaux. 

The 23-year-old former Bulls player badly mistimed a tackle on opposition scrum-half Maxime Lucu as he attempted a clearance kick from inside his own half, crashing into the unfortunate Frenchman with an extremely late and illegal tackle which left Lucu prone on the turf and prompted a mini scuffle on the pitch.

It wasn’t just the Bordeaux players who were aggrieved. Referee Romain Poite showed Pieterse – who had been in the game for just 13 minutes – a ‘carton rouge’, or red card, once he rose from the pile of bodies on the ground.

Rugby rules state that a player can only be tackled when in the possession of the ball while also mandating that defenders make an attempt to ‘wrap’ their arms around their opponent to prevent an illegal shoulder barge. It is also illegal to tackle a player while he isn’t on his feet. 

It appears that all three of these rules were disregarded by Pieterse.

The player will almost certainly be subject to a multiple week ban for the horror challenge – with Poite reminding players not to dole out their own justice on the pitch as furious Bordeaux players continued to remonstrate while Pieterse solemnly walked from the pitch.

Lucu, no doubt nursing a few bumps and bruises, was also substituted after the bone-crunching tackle. 

To add insult to quite literal injury, Castres paid little heed to their one-man disadvantage and leveled the game late on to emerge with a 23-23 draw.

And as you might expect, Pieterse’s illegal hit caused quite a stir online.

“That’s not a tackle, that’s attempted murder,” wrote one fan in reaction to the clip.

Last time I seen a move like that was in the WWE,” added another, while a third attempted to break down the sheer list of rules that were broken in the single tackle.

“Wow. No real wrap; leaves his feet to jump into a player off his feet/in a vulnerable position; high and late.

“That’s not an attempt at contest, it’s a deliberate attempt to injure another player. Long, long ban coming up,” they said.

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‘Fundamentally UNSAFE for women’: French rugby chiefs slammed as they ALLOW transgender players despite recommendations

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Is the Premier League’s target of a ‘net zero carbon’ game just another virtue-signaling own goal?


On Sunday, Tottenham will host Chelsea in a match they hope will become the first-ever ‘net zero carbon’ elite-level game – but does the evidence suggest that the attempt is anything but a drop in an ever-rising ocean?

The initiative, launched by Tottenham and British broadcaster Sky, aims to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint associated with the game by asking fans to travel to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in as environmentally conscious a means as possible, while sustainable vegan products will be widely available at the various concession stands inside the stadium.

Sky have also pledged to cut their emissions while broadcasting the match and players from both clubs will arrive at the ground on buses powered by eco-friendly biofuel.

It doesn’t stop there. During the match – which is being dubbed #GameZero – players will drink water from cartons rather than plastic bottles, while Spurs have also promised to offset any carbon emissions which slip through the gaps with natural remedies such as planting trees. 

The UK government has also endorsed the net zero carbon game ahead of hosting the international COP26 climate talks in Glasgow in November, where methods to help mitigate global carbon emissions will be among the topics for discussions.

But while all of this can be considered a worthwhile gesture to help raise awareness for the very real dangers of climate change, it is difficult to escape the thought that very little can be achieved by asking fans to cycle to a football match or to exchange their meat pie for a vegan alternative – other than the inevitable resentment which would surely follow. 

If we have learned one thing from the past 18 months or so, it is that people – and especially large swathes of football fans – don’t like having their hand held and lectured that whatever social issue being championed that week is ‘for a good cause’.

We saw this during repeated breaches of social distancing guidelines related to football throughout Euro 2020 and elsewhere, as well as in the wildly divisive debates which took place regarding footballers taking a knee before games. 

Larger than that, massive multinational companies such as Sky miss the central point when the issue these types of directives, which almost always come with a gushing PR campaign behind them: it isn’t so much an individual football fan who should be compelled to change their behavior, but rather enterprises like Sky themselves. 

Sure, an individual person deciding to change their own habits in a bid to become more environmentally conscious can only be described as a good thing on a granular level.

And yes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and all that – but a recent estimate which asserted that just 100 companies are responsible for around 71 percent of global emissions spells out in clear embossed lettering where the real source of the problem lies.

It is perhaps telling, then, that Sky have refused requests to share the data from #GameZero after the match – just one of 380 games which will take place in England’s top flight this season. 

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‘Pathetic gesture politics’: Fans scoff at plans to make Spurs vs Chelsea ‘net zero carbon match’ with vegan food & biofuel buses

If real change is what is truly craved then clubs like Tottenham might be better served in refusing sponsorship deals with brands whose own carbon emissions are past a certain high-water mark – something which, if adopted unilaterally across European football, may begin to force change.

Until that day comes, what we’re left with is large companies displaying their virtue and excusing themselves from any blame, ‘offsetting’ their emissions by planting a few trees.

And that sounds like ‘carbon-laundering’. 

By John Balfe 

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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‘Kid gloves are off today’: Liberal critics celebrate MASSIVE police response to Justice for J6 rally


Liberal critics have been quick to celebrate the “teamwork” of the US Capitol Police and multiple other law enforcement agencies, shown prepping for the Justice for J6 rally in Washington, DC en masse.

Ahead of Saturday’s rally – which reports have claimed could bring in as many as 700 Donald Trump supporters – the US Capitol Police Twitter account posted an image of hundreds of officers from multiple law enforcement agencies standing, ready to take orders from a Capitol police officer with a bullhorn.

“Teamwork,” the tweet read. National Guard soldiers are also on standby in case they are needed. Most officers called in for Saturday’s events are equipped with batons and safety vests. 

While numerous conservative pundits have dismissed the rally and its potential fallout, liberal critics have been celebrating the massive police preparation for the event, tying it to the January 6 Capitol riot that led to multiple deaths, including a protester shot by an officer. 

“Kid gloves off today,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the photo of the waiting law enforcement officers. 

“Deal with them accordingly,” another cryptically added

Despite intense interest in the rally – which is primarily focused on defending the previous Capitol rioters who are now jailed and facing charges – many conservative pundits have dismissed the rally as being overblown, and distanced themselves from any potential violence. Despite many outlets treating the rally as supporting Donald Trump’s unproven claims that the election was stolen from him, it opened on Saturday with the event’s organizer Matt Braynard saying: “It’s not about President Trump, it’s not about President Biden, it’s not about the election, it’s not about what you think happened with the election, it’s not about any fringe third-party group.”

Many have blasted police for over-preparing for the event.

According to the permit obtained by organizers Look Ahead America, hundreds are expected to attend the rally near the West Lawn of the Capitol building. They are looking to highlight the “inhumane” treatment many jailed Capitol rioters have allegedly faced. Hundreds have been charged for their part in January 6’s events, and dozens remain behind bars. 

US Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger warned on Friday that any potential violence will be shut down quickly. 

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Capitol Police says ‘threats’ justify heightened security at rally over January 6 ‘political prisoners’

“We have a strong plan in place to ensure that it remains peaceful and that if violence does occur, that we can stop it as quickly as possible,” Manger said, claiming there have already been threats of violence against lawmakers. 

Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard, however, has described the event as “peaceful.”

“The purpose of these peaceful protests is for patriotic Americans to educate their state legislators on the power they have to give instructions to their state’s federal legislators,” he said. 

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Boxer who copped 10yr sentence for alleged role in crime gang from former Soviet Union ‘will be released from US prison next week’


A Georgian ex-world champion boxer who was given a whopping 10-year sentence in prison for his alleged part in a crime syndicate in 2018 could be released next week after having his sentence drastically reduced, a report says.

Middleweight Avtandil Khurtsidze was on the brink of challenging former Canelo Alvarez opponent Billy Joe Saunders when he was arrested on suspicion of operating as part of an alleged criminal network referred to as ‘The Shulaya Enterprise’.

At the time of the arrests, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) described the syndicate as a group operating under the direction and protection of Razhden Shulaya, a man said to have been known by various Russian phrases roughly translating as “thief-in-law” or “thief”.

The group was accused of having “substantial influence in the criminal underworld” including acts of violence, extortion, illegal gambling businesses, fraud on casinos, identity theft, credit card fraud and stolen goods trafficking.

A total of 26 men were arrested, most of whom were born in the former Soviet Union and had “substantial ties” to Georgia, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Now Khurtsidze, who was allegedly caught on camera participating in acts of extortion of gambling debts and planned additional acts of violence, has had his hefty sentence slashed to time served plus one week followed by two years of supervised release, according to Boxing Scene.

Despite reportedly being described as a model inmate by the Bureau of Prisons records, Khurtsidze appears to have had a traumatic time inside, suffering ‘multiple hematomas and stab wounds’ when he was said to have been attacked in the face alongside Shulaya in a gruesome incident involving an alleged rival Latin gang in 2018.

Khurtsidze’s charges reportedly also included conspiring to defraud one of the casinos allegedly targeted by the syndicate.

“We are happy with the outcome – a sentence that is commensurate with the underlying offenses and the sentences imposed on the many co-defendants in this case,” an attorney for Khurtsidze, Megan Benett, is quoted to have told the report by email.

“[It is a] sentence that also reflects Avtandil’s commendable adjustment to incarceration over the past four years.”

With the exception of Shulaya, who is said to have received 45 years, none of the convicted men are said to have received as long a sentence as the one copped by Khurtsidze.

Now 44, Khurtsidze reportedly does not hold a US visa and could be deported to Georgia. Some outlets are said to have suggested that he wants to resume his boxing career, in which he racked up 33 wins and 22 knockouts from 35 fights.

“We aren’t sure what will happen on the immigration front,” said Benett. “But he should, at the very least, be released from the custody of the federal Bureau of Prisons next week.”

Other charges leveled at the alleged syndicate by the DoJ including operating illicit poker business, theft of cargo shipments – one of which is said to have contained around $14,000 of chocolate sweets – plans to bribe local law enforcement and the movement and sale of untaxed cigarettes.

The department also alleged that a female member of the syndicate was deployed to “seduce men, incapacitate them with gas and then rob them”.

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Chris Christie family bar mitzvah blamed for Covid-19 ‘outbreak’ that caused return to virtual learning for NJ school – reports


A New Jersey middle school closed and returned to virtual learning after discovering numerous positive Covid-19 cases among adults and students, some of which allegedly are traceable to Chris Christie, the state’s former governor.

Mendham Township schools Superintendent Salvatore Constantino claimed to the New York Post that multiple positive cases of the virus were found among students and adults following the recent bar mitzvah of Christie’s nephew, the son of Christie’s brother Todd and his wife, Andrea. 

“There were, unfortunately, a few adult cases and a few student cases that came out of it,” Constantino said, acknowledging that there were already “a few” other positive cases, leading the school to switch to virtual learning on Friday. It was not specifically said how many cases could have stemmed from the party, but it’s believed to be lower than a dozen. 

Unable to “ensure a safe environment,” the decision was made to return Mendham Middle School to virtual learning, though, the superintendent insists, “we are actually in very good shape.” 

“We’re back in session and ready to go by Monday,” Constantino claimed. 

The Christie bar mitzvah was held at the Avenue A Club in Newark, though the venue said that it’s unaware of any positive coronavirus cases being connected to them or to the event.

According to the New Jersey Globe, hundreds attended the indoor bar mitzvah and parents were informed of the closure through an email and told they would soon be informed about Monday’s “configuration.”

Numerous politicians have found themselves facing scrutiny from the public as many have been photographed breaking their own strict health guidelines. Most recently, San Francisco’s Democrat Mayor London Breed was filmed dancing maskless at a crowded nightclub, breaking her city’s own mask mandate. 

Republicans have typically faced less scrutiny as they have been largely less supportive of pandemic-era restrictions continuing, as well as of mandates for vaccines. 

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San Francisco’s Democrat mayor parties with BLM founder at jazz club, shrugs off violating her own mask mandate

Christie – who has been floated by some as a potential alternative to Donald Trump for Republicans in the 2024 presidential race – told the Post he was unaware of the cases stemming from the party. One image obtained by the paper appeared to show Christie in a family photo at the event, and all are maskless. Unlike many other Republicans, Christie has strongly supported masks in the past, though his comments stem from before vaccinations were as widespread as they are today in the US.

In October of last year, the former Republican governor was hospitalized for roughly a week after contracting Covid-19 following his attendance at a White House event. Christie would go on to call his not wearing a mask at the mass event a “serious failure” and called on others to learn from his mistake, for which he said he “paid” a price.

“I paid for it, and I hope Americans can learn from my experience,” he said, following his battle with the virus. 

Christie and his family have been targeted by critics since the revelation about the party, with some arguing their “personal decisions” led to consequences for others. 

“Thanks to your brother Todd’s super spreader event for his son, Mendham Twp MS is already going virtual,” one user tweeted in response to Christie criticizing President Joe Biden’s recently-announced vaccine mandate for large employers. “Letting people continue to make their own personal decisions while putting others at risk doesn’t work. You can’t even convince your immediate family.”

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