Australia politics live: First shipment of Pfizer vaccine lands in Australia – question time


It’s a serious question.

It goes to the issue of – it goes to the issue of the use of labour hire.

The earlier formulation of the question was whether or not it was agreed the two workers doing the same job at the same place in the same workplace should get the same pay.

That is not even the Labor policy.

When you read their speech, they say that a labour hire firm … who employs someone at the same job, the same pay, should get no less. It isn’t even their policy.

… They have had difficulties in working out what their own policy is.

The difficulties with labour hire, for the benefit of the House, is the ABS notes labour hire as a proportion of all employees has been stable at about 2% over the last decade.

What is very important and what the government absolutely ensures occurs is that under labour hire agreements, people should have exactly the same rights as other employees, including of course unfair dismissal rights, award entitlements, bargaining right, general protections and work, health and safety protections, to name but a few.

The Labor party say they have a policy for perfect equality between those two forms, but when you read the policy they acknowledge that is incredibly difficult and in their policy say that someone with the labour hire with the same position at the same type of work should get at least as much but could get more. Not exact parity as they pretended in their earlier question.

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