PLANE DEBRIS rain from the sky as United jet makes emergency landing in Denver with engine on FIRE (VIDEOS)


A United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered a major engine failure in midair and was forced to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport, while scattering debris across several neighborhoods.

The shocking incident happened shortly after United Flight 328 took off from Denver for Honolulu, forcing the crew to perform an emergency landing with one of the engines on fire and large chunks of it missing.

The Boeing 777-200 plane, which had 231 passengers and 10 crew on board, landed safely, with no injuries reported. Several passengers caught videos of the burning engine, and the moment the jet touched the ground to everyone’s relief and cheers.

Meanwhile, multiple stunned witnesses on the ground reported hearing a loud bang and saw pieces of metal raining from the sky.

Another witness apparently saw an explosion in the sky and managed to capture a video of the low flying jet and traces of black smoke.

There were no reports of any injuries on the ground either, as police in Broomfield, Colorado, shared photos of various debris scattered across multiple neighborhoods.

Local authorities urged residents not to touch any pieces they find, pending a probe by the National Transportation Safety Board to determine the cause of the malfunction.

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