The Limb Reaper: Horrific scenes as MMA fighter’s leg SNAPS after thunderous low kick (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


In scenes reminiscent of Anderson Silva’s gruesome leg break many years ago, MMA fighter Dean Maxwell is facing an extended spell on the sidelines from his shin giving way after taking a thunderous kick in a fight in Australia.

Low kicks are quickly becoming an in-vogue technique in MMA. Weeks after Dustin Poirier employed numerous calf kicks to stifle and eventually knock out Conor McGregor in Abu Dhabi in January, another effective use of the move has gone viral online – but this one is more than a little tough to watch.

Aussie fighters Dean Maxwell and Randall Ray were doing battle in a heavyweight at the recent Urban Fight Night 24 event in Sydney when Ray landed a firm inside low kick on Maxwell. 

Things would deteriorate significantly just moments later for Maxwell. When he attempted to put weight on his right leg, it visibly contorted to an ugly angle and gave way.

Warning: graphic videos

Maxwell collapsed into a heap on the canvas as Ray surged forward for the finish – but he pulled his punches as soon as he saw the visible distress on Maxwell’s face.

The fact that his leg was twisted at a 90-degree angle may also have had something to do with it.

Somewhat ironically, Ray is nicknamed ‘The Limb Reaper’ – a moniker which makes a great deal more sense when you witness his handiwork inside the cage.

According to MMA Junkie, Maxwell suffered breaks to both his tibia and fibula in the incident, which required plates and screws to be implanted in surgery. It has also been suggested that he may be unable to walk for up to three months.

And with the newfound popularity of these types of low kicks in modern MMA, chances are we will have to endure a few similar incidents in the future.

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