‘Lucky to be alive’: ESPN anchor escapes unharmed after being hit by falling set during live TV broadcast (VIDEO)


ESPN Colombia host Carlos Orduz narrowly escaped without serious injury after he was hit on the head by a piece of the set which came loose just seconds into his appearance on a live television broadcast.

Footage of the incident has gone viral, showing Orduz as part of a panel of football analysts commenting on a match when – without any warning – a large piece of rigging from the set collapses and slams directly down onto Orduz’s head.

The camera quickly cuts away from Orduz to the shocked host of the show before moving to a commercial break to allow Orduz to receive assistance from members of the crew.

Incredibly, the football analyst took to social media soon after to tell his 12.5k Twitter followers that he was OK and that he didn’t suffer any serious injuries due to the accident, save for a few bumps and bruises.

To those who wrote to me and greeted me about the accident last night, I must tell you that I am fine, thank God.

“After the medical check-up and the respective examinations, any issue was ruled out except a bruise and a blow to the nose (no fracture). Greetings and thanks,” he explained online, via translation.

News of Orduz’s emerging unscathed from the potentially serious incident will have come as a big relief to the millions who were watching the broadcast from home, as well as Orduz’s co-anchors – some of whom who could be heard crying out in shock once the rigging came loose and struck him. 

Wow! Carlos Orduz is lucky to be alive; that was a wickedly nasty blow he took,” one fan wrote of the shocking video on Twitter, while another said that it was “absolutely insane and unfathomable that Carlos Orduz came away unscathed from that on-set accident.”

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