‘Peak cult sh*t’: Hillary Clinton fans flood Twitter with ‘ImStillWithHer’ hashtag as #Resistance grasps for a new cause


With no hot elections looming and ex-president Donald Trump having retired to Florida, social media’s Orange Man Bad brigade has fallen back on tantalizing ‘what-if’ fantasies starring Hillary Clinton.

Having safely delivered the 2020 election to President Joe Biden, Twitter’s keyboard-warrior #Resistance has struggled to find the kind of meaningful cause that can reliably fill up entire days with productive partisan trolling. 

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However, Clinton lawyer Marc Elias appeared to stumble over just such a mission on Wednesday, rustling up a controversy in what appeared to be an effort to promote the work of his latest project, Democracy Docket. The attorney proudly declared he was still “with her” – a reference to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign slogan – whipping up a hashtag that quickly drew support from fellow Hillary fans on social media.

Smug supporters of the twice-failed presidential candidate sang her praises, insisting she had been “so right” about the perils awaiting the nation should it fail to elect her as president in 2016, and blaming right-wing misogyny for her failure to appeal to the electorate.

Millions of people owe @HillaryClinton an apology,” one die-hard blue-check supporter insisted

However, many users were quick to smack down the stirrings of Clintonite nostalgia, pointing out that the failed candidate had in many ways been the architect of her own demise, from pushing the GOP to nominate Trump to digging her own political grave with her infamous takedown of half the electorate as a “basket of deplorables.” 

Others highlighted the cultish nature of the perennial candidate’s fanatical supporters.

But one thing both sides could agree on was that the US would have been a very different country – for good or ill – had Clinton won in 2016.

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