Terrified locals share tornado VIDEOS as violent weather hits Alabama & Mississippi


At least six twisters were spotted on the ground in Alabama, with the freak weather expected to continue into the night, possibly bringing hurricane-force winds and baseball-sized hail stones.

Footage of the massive twisters was shared online from several locations in Alabama on Wednesday, showing the funnels descending ominously from darkened storm clouds.

While the tornados brought down trees and powerlines and affected some homes, so far there have been no reports of casualties or significant damage.

One local woman told the Montgomery Adviser that she jumped in the bathtub with her child and boyfriend and hid under mattresses as a tornado passed by. Her house was spared, but had its windows blown out and its backyard fence knocked down.

Tornado warnings were issued in several southern states on Wednesday, with forecasts predicting that Alabama and Mississippi would be hit the hardest in the evening. Residents were urged to take shelter, while schools across both states canceled classes.

“This severe weather event, coupled with the Covid-19 public health emergency, poses extraordinary conditions of disaster and of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property within the state,” Alabama Governor Kay Ivey warned in a statement.

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