US faces reckoning over Asian American hate crimes after Atlanta shooting – live


Law enforcement agencies widely criticised for handling of attacks on Asian Americans

11.18am GMT

The slow process of selecting a jury for the murder trial of Derek Chauvin suffered a setback yesterday as two previously seated jurors were dismissed. It follows the city of Minneapolis agreeing to pay $27m to settle a civil lawsuit from George Floyd’s family over the Black man’s death in police custody. Bill Hutchinson and Whitney Lloyd report for ABC News overnight:

Two jurors said they had inadvertently heard of the settlement announced on Friday, but felt they could set aside what they heard or saw about the civil court action and maintain impartiality and decide the case based solely on the evidence presented during the trial.

But two jurors Judge Cahill excused from the panel said the dollar amount the city agreed to give the Floyd family confirmed the reservations they already had about Chauvin’s culpability in the death of Floyd.

10.56am GMT

Vivian Ho reports for us from San Francisco on reaction there to the Atlanta shootings:

The morning after the Atlanta spa shootings, a man struck an elderly Asian woman on San Francisco’s Market Street in a seemingly unprovoked attack.

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