Women’s college basketball players share joy at new weights room after equality row – but there’s STILL no pleasing some people


Women’s college basketball stars in the US have expressed joy at an improvement in standards since the breakout of a gender equality row over the weights rooms at the NCAA’s ‘March Madness’ extravaganza.

Before the weekend, a social media storm over differences in the quality of men and women’s weight equipment – which is being held at different sites in Texas and Indiana – forced its governing body into releasing a statement. 

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) claimed that the disparities were down to “limited space” at the women’s facilities, yet a viral video by Oregon Ducks forward Sedona Prince – which has been watched 16.3 million times – appeared to blow apart that claim by revealing a large female exercise space. 

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Accusing the NCAA of “tripping”, NBA legend Steph Curry waded into the furor and improvements have since been made. 

Prince has now uploaded another follow-up clip, which shows her praising the power of social media and much better facilities for her and fellow athletes.

But nonetheless, not everyone was impressed. 

“Thank god the NCAA can lose even more money on womens [sic] college basketball,” moaned one Twitter user.

“I can respect womans basketball all power to them but there will be differences in mens and womens because IT IS A BUSINESS. Womens college basketball brings in much less money than mens.”

“The NCAA didn’t do this out of the goodness of their hearts. They did it because they were shamed in front of the world. But they did it. And they will continue to do it, and that’s the good thing,” pointed out one skeptical female onlooker.  

A male counterpart wrote: “NCAA doesn’t get credit for unscrewing up a situation they screwed up so bad in the first place.”

Simultaneously, another suggested American retail giant Dick’s Sporting Goods had provided the equipment and deserved praise too.

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