Twitter proletariat rise up against Marco Rubio after FL senator claims ‘new Marxism’ uses identity politics to divide people


Florida Senator Marco Rubio has roused the socialists on social media after arguing that Marxist ideology has been retooled to cause conflict between people based on identity, rather than class.

The Republican lawmaker, a Cuban-American whose parents immigrated to Miami, often recounts how his family fled their homeland to escape from socialism. According to Rubio, the same alleged oppression that exists in Cuba has arrived on America’s shores – under the guise of identity politics.

“The old Marxism used class warfare to divide people. The new Marxism uses identity politics. But the goal is the same,” the Florida senator tweeted on Saturday. 

The provocative political analysis caused Twitter leftists to grab their pitchforks, as a colorful array of verified accounts fired off retaliatory screeds at the senator. 

The official account of the Socialist Party of Great Britain said Rubio was clearly “ignorant” of what Marxism really advocates for. 

“Marxist socialism is fundamentally about a society with no ruling class. That means no oppressors and no oppressed. You only get that with an economy like capitalism,” the political party wrote. 

Others insisted that Rubio’s “conservative disinformation” was the real culprit responsible for dividing people. 

The Florida lawmaker was hyperventilating over nothing, numerous commenters argued. 

Rubio wasn’t completely outnumbered, however, and received some backup from the Twitter bourgeoisie. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) said that her colleague had accurately portrayed Marxism as divisive. 

The ideological internet battle caused both capitalism and Marxism to trend, leading some e-Bolshies to rejoice that their time had come. 

Rubio has become increasingly vocal about the alleged socialist threat facing the United States. On Friday, he argued in a speech that Marxism, disguised as identity politics and social justice, was infiltrating American institutions such as schools, businesses and even government agencies. He warned that Marxism “is not dead” and that those who subscribe to its doctrine have found “new titles” in order to go undetected. 

“If we don’t confront this now, call it for what it is and defeat it, it will destroy this country and everything that has made it special,” the senator said during the Faith & Freedom Road to Majority conference in Florida. 

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