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Tuesday, October 26News That Matters

Natural, scenic and wild[1]- Chinadaily.com.cn

China released an overall plan on the development and management of national parks to protect its natural beauty on Tuesday. The country has 10 pilot national parks, which are expected to undergo assessments in the coming years and could then be termed national parks.

1. Sanjiangyuan National Park

China's national parks: Natural, scenic and wild

A Tibetan antelope forages at Hoh Xil in Xining, Qinghai province, May 19, 2015. [Photo/Xinhua]

Location: Northwest China’s Qinghai province

Total area: 123,100 square kilometers

Sanjiangyuan is the first and biggest of 10 pilot national parks in the country. Sanjiangyuan, or “Source of Three Rivers”, is where the Yellow, Yangtze, and Lancang rivers originate. The whole area provides 49 percent of the water discharge of the Yellow River, 25 percent of the water discharge of the Yangtze, and 15 percent of the water discharge of the Lancang. It is known as China’s “water tower”.

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